There was a time I used to wonder what is blogging and how to create your own blog website and monetize it, if you are reading this I can relate to what you are thinking. Not to worry, I will make this as simple as possible because it is that simple.

We all are social creatures

Just before I could write this blog a scene from the picture Cast Away flashed my mind, in case you have not heard


about it, this movie is about a FedEx plane crashing into the sea and only one person called Chuck (Tom Hanks) survives the crash who is swept ashore to a remote island. Chuck is a very conscientious, dedicated worker, so to speak a thorough perfectionist, who is very focused with his work that he neglects his personal life. After being stranded in this remote island with dwindling hope of being rescued and getting back to civilisation he befriends a volleyball which is washed ashore from the wreck, draws a face on it, names it Mr Wilson and has conversations with. A simple, yet beautiful narration which dives deep into human emotions and reflects on how important a social life is, how important it is to express yourself. Do watch this movie if you get a chance. Similarly, we all are social creatures no matter however recluse one can be we need to speak to someone.


Blogging Simplified

So, getting back to our topic of discussion, Blogging is one form of social communication which has gained a lot of popularity in the dot com age. Pick a topic which you would like to start a discussion, key in your thoughts, publish it on various social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest or Guest posts in other blogging sites (There are a lot of sites, simply google it) and invite comments to have a two-way communication. Or still better if you love sharing your views about something, start a blog for yourself, OWN A WEBSITE, it is very easy to have one these days besides you don’t need to be a technical person, just common sense is required.

Nervous about building your own Website, don’t be

With time, technology has improved in leaps and bounds, we no longer need to know coding, HTML and other geeky stuff to set up or own a website. There are quite a number of free source content management tools like WordPress which has simplified the process of owning and setting up a website along with a wide range of plugins to assist in optimising, monetising and earn money online from anywhere in the world.Blogging and Website

It is easy to pick a domain and hosting them using BlueHost, HostGator, GoDaddy and Namecheap which are best in the industry.

Before getting into the steps to follow to own a website let me tell you a bit about Domain Name and Web hosting.

Domain Name: It is like a name plate or door number you put up outside your house, similarly a domain name is a unique address used to identify your website on the web

Web Hosting: Merely putting a board with your name outside a house doesn’t entitle you to be the owner of the house, the space must be rented out or bought for entitlement. Likewise, virtual space must be rented out to store a website which would present it to whosoever wants to visit it.

Follow these simple steps

⇒ Visit any one of the hosting sites mentioned earlier and search for the name you would like to call your website

⇒ Fill out the details as requested, such as your name, address, telephone # and email information

⇒ Make the payment and own your domain name

⇒ Select the hosting plan you would like to go for, since you are going through this page I would say the most suited plan would be the basic/starter plan

⇒ Insert your domain name in the next screen which you bought in step 3

⇒ Fill out the details requested in the form

⇒ Select the package wisely, see what is most suited as there would be options between 1 and 3 years to choose from

⇒ Make the payments and you are all set

⇒ You would receive an email confirmation

⇒ Create a password for your login

⇒ Log into your hosting account using which ever hosting company is selected

⇒ Once logged in, you would be taken to the control panel of your hosting company, look for WordPress icon which would be one click installation, almost all the well-established hosting companies have this installation option

All the major domain naming and hosting companies more or less have the same procedure, but please read before clicking on next to understand what the instructions say.

This is like signing up for a new mail account using Google or MSN, this is that simple.

Too good to be true, try it out to believe it

It is human to figure out an easy and straight forward method of completing a task, after all my trials and errors I am in a position to narrate my experience above that led to my discovery of a much easier way to experiment without spending money, who doesn’t want something for free, this is a LIFE CHANGER, I came across SITERUBIX which allows you to create your own free website.


You should take a look at this, it is simply AMAZING, the best part is you are hand held and shown step by step on creating and owning a website, manage your content and monetise it without a dime being spent.



Take a look at the video below to see how quick and easy it is to build your own website here



I would love to hear from you below, your comments would definitely help me in thinking in new directions to come up with more content and information,


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