Hi! I am Vicky

Sharing simple ideas to start an online business

And this is my story

Vicky At Work

I was working a day job just like anyone else. This is what my regular day looked like.  Work occupied my whole week and weekend as well.

Vicky Overloaded

I am just a regular guy churned out from the education system. Tutored to study, get a job and work hard.

I wanted more, I wanted to fly, I wanted to be free. Do something of my own.


One day when I was rushing back home after a long day’s work all of a sudden a thought occurred to me.


It was right there, always in front of me.

Answer to all my questions was the “Internet”.

Vicky Eureka

At first I panicked, I was not sure how to reach my goal.It is never easy to break through the stereo type mindset of working for someone with additional pressure from family, friends and society

Being self reliant is very self satisfying and peaceful, so don’t hold yourself back without trying

Vicky in Trance

After trying and testing a lot things on the internet, i finally found a combination which works apart from a whole lot of alternative methods which you would come across on this site

End Of Story
The End
The End

My name is really Vicky and this is my true story….

It is never easy to break away from the common beliefs and routines but if you want a change, you got to make it, nobody is going to do it for you. I hold a degree in Commerce with no computer skills or coding skills, if you are here then you would have witnessed my exploits with web pages. All self tutored, not the best though but sure would make one proud of.

Feel free to get in touch with me, would keep me motivated to publish more. Mail: vicky@yourwishbone.com