Ever since internet has gained popularity a huge population has moved on to the virtual space to reach out to a wider audience to share information, as their reach is not restricted to geographical boundaries, but there is a limitation here, search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) only publish a few websites on their 1st page and that is “the space” all would love to be. So the big question is, how do I optimize my website for search engines? It is simple and all listed below.

How do search engines rank sites?

Your guess is as good as mine, fact is no one know how these algorithms work except for Google, Bing & Yahoo.

There are some useful tips which can be followed to ensure the rankings improve and remember it is not just the home page which gets indexed and ranked but all the posts and pages on a website get ranked based on the keywords used in them apart from the hacks which I would share in the subsequent paragraphs, so read on, it is going to be exciting.

To begin, let us understand the two terms I used earlier, INDEXING and RANKING.

Once we have a domain registered and our site hosted it is available on the internet, so how would you let others know about your site, either through word of mouth, business cards, billboards or other forms of media, what I call the traditional way or through social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many more) the modern way. However, these do have a few drawbacks, SLOW PUBLICITY AND LIMITED REACH.

Have you heard of Yellow Pages, just in case you haven’t heard, in simple words I would describe it as a traditional form of search engine but in a hard copy, so when anyone is looking out for some information concerning a business, service, trade or person they can look into this book. In order to have details appear in this book, one must register and have it listed. Similarly, search engines are like Yellow Pages, in order to let search engines know about a website one needs to register using Google Webmaster Tool or Bing Webmaster Tool, which serves for both Yahoo and Bing. Once registered in these tools a website is just INDEXED, which means the search engines know about the website resulting in a global reach.

Job does not end by merely getting a site indexed, this would not help in gaining visibility and get noticed by your prospects, so what next???

The website pages and posts need to be optimized to let search engines know that a website is there to provide valuable information to the one requesting some information on the search engine. I will define optimization in a simple way as a language which is clearly understood by search engines algorithm letting it know about the existence of a page/post which is most suited for the person searching for information.

How do I OPTIMIZE my website?

Just follow the below rules to optimize a page of your website

⇒ Title – Titles for blogposts should be catchy, grab readers attention and should have well researched keywords . Make sure to add the title to the Meta Title field of your page in the developer screen

⇒ Description -Type a description of the post in the Meta Description field in the developer screen, this is to let the search engine know what it is all about, make sure to use the keywords

⇒ Keyword in Content – It is quite logical to research keywords which are most searched on the internet and use them in the post but be cautious of overusing them as the blog should not seem like being stuffed with keywords which make no sense and add no value to the reader as the search engines would just overlook it as being worthless and not consider it for ranking

⇒ Internal Links – Use hyperlinks within your site and link pages

⇒ Relevant image – Images add to the beauty and aesthetics of the page, makes the content more presentable and reduces the page from looking very wordy. Update the name of the image to the Alternative Text field, Image Title Attribute and add a Caption, these are all in the  image details of the developer screen

⇒ Embedded Video – This is not a must but does help if you have a video uploaded which is relevant to the content as the search engines value this a lot and helps in ranking

⇒ Webmaster Account – Very important to create a webmaster account in bing and google, so to speak this is like sharing your business card with the search engines and letting them know that a site exists

You don’t need

⇒ A ranking software

⇒ Automation tools to boost your website

“They cost a lot of money, why spend when it can be done for free.”

The juicy part in all this big mystery of SEO is using the appropriate keywords.

There are many keyword tools available that can be used to research words which are rated high on the search engines but i found JAAXY to be quite a tool to reckon with, the search results are pretty much accurate and unbiased unlike other tools i have experienced.

The benefits of JAAXY

⇒ Very simple to use

⇒ Finding low competition keywords

⇒ Search and buy domains

⇒ Managing keyword lists

⇒ Analysing competition

⇒ Affiliate programs

⇒ Brainstorm and idea generation

⇒ Track where you are ranked in all search engines

Check it out for yourself, it is free to join and you get 30 free searches to EXPERIMENT for yourself. I have left a widget below so give it a try.

So, you have it all you need to know about SEO, there is no secret or rocket science involved, however keep in mind one needs to have a lot of patience and consistent valuable content added to the website for getting ranked.

You must remember the metric for ranking depends on:

⇒ The age of the site and domain

⇒ How much your readers trust your site by returning back to your page and spending time reading it

⇒ Frequency of content being uploaded

⇒ Content should not be just a few lines but at least 800 to 1000

⇒ Number of comments left by the readers

Not all of the above have to be present but is a combination of them which lead to rankings, since our whole intent is to get noticed as early as possible, so why not.

If you find the above too very confusing and wondering if these can be taught to you at your own pace, you are just a click away,

Build a successful busines

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