Whether you want to start working from home full time or simply spend a few minutes on the net to build a stream of passive income, one of the best ways to do this is through affiliate marketing.

So, what is affiliate marketing?

It is a term which has gained popularity during the dot com age and stands for a marketing arrangement by companies who own goods and services relying on the efforts of freelance marketers to sell them over the internet for a commission. The pioneers in this field is amazon affiliate program, similarly there are innumerable programs and networks, so you can imagine the amount of work. Just google affiliate networks or programs and you would know what I am stating here.

There are three parties to this form of business.

⇒ Affiliate (you)

⇒ Affiliate Program (Company owning the product/service)

⇒ Customer (The buyer of such product or service)

Who can join?

Any individual who knows how to operate on a computer can be an affiliate and the best part is its free to join.

How Does it work?

Affiliate Marketing
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Once you have signed in for an affiliate marketing program online by filling out a simple form along with your website URL, your request is assigned to an affiliate manager from the company’s end who would review your request. Once approved you would have access to the product affiliate program that you requested to promote, so its basically a product tracking software in the form of a link which is used for the promotion. This software keeps track of all the clicks, sales transactions and calculates the commission due to you.

The big question, how do I promote the link?

⇒ Blogs

⇒ Websites

⇒ Social media (Pinterest,Twitter,YouTube,Facebook)

⇒ Native ads

⇒ Google AdSense

⇒ E mail marketing

This list is not conclusive.

How do I get Paid?

All affiliate programs/ networks have different pay schedules (Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly). It is also very typical for the payment to be in US $ which is like an industry standard, but some companies pay you in your local currency or many payment gateways do the conversion.

To name a few modes of payment:

⇒ Cheque payment

⇒ PayPal

⇒ Bank wire transfers

⇒ Payoneer

⇒ Cryptocurrency

Affiliate programs don’t make it very difficult for the payments and if they do no affiliate would promote their product or program.

Now that you have the basic understanding of how affiliate marketing works, the next big question is how to go about it as It seems easier than done. Unlike regular workplaces, processes are laid out with clear intent on daily, weekly and monthly tasks, this form of business is virtual with no set process.

So let me help you and cut short your valuable time in researching the world wide web for answers and provide you with a cheat sheet to follow.

⇒ Choose a Niche

⇒ Find an affiliate program

⇒ Keyword research

⇒ Buy a Domain

⇒ Set up Hosting

⇒ Install WordPress

⇒ Set up your Website

⇒ Write some Content

⇒ Monetise your Content

⇒ Search Engine Optimisation

⇒ Drive traffic to your Website


Affiliate Marketing Process


There are a lot of companies who provide the above mentioned services/tools. You can look out for them on the net and start, but would like to caution you that there is so much of information available which could be too overbearing and might push you off course.

I have spent hours together at a stretch browsing, post which I felt like I knew what I was doing and the moment I had to start with what I felt I had figured out ended up simply staring at the monitor hours together with no conclusive outcome.

Not to despair, after a lot of research and being involved with a platform called Wealthy Affiliate I can confidently vouch that this is one place where you get all your tools, websites, training, coaching and support required to make it into the big league of affiliate marketing. Last but not the least to be part of a wonderful like-minded community which gives you all the support and feedback when needed.

I am sure you are now interested in knowing what Wealthy Affiliate is all about, move on to the Review of Wealthy Affiliate 2018 for more.

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