You can’t buy anything for $.98 anymore.

Just yesterday I went to a shopping mall and paid $.98 just to park my vehicle. That is almost a day’s access to Wealthy Affiliate, which is the ONLY platform, community and environment you need to create, grow and manage your business.

That sounds crazy, and I can tell you the cost efficiency within the business world has not always been like this and it is certainly unique to the ethos here at WA (to make WA available for everyone).

Rewind back in time, It Was Much More Expensive.

I look back 15 years ago when I was a newbie to computers. I think of the costs involved in just owning a website. It’s wasn’t cheap. There were many “other” fees associated with getting a business up and running, that don’t exist here at WA.

There were hosting charges of $25 per month and a domain fees of $35 per year. This was just not enough to start, one needed to know HTML Coding. To self-tutor, a comprehensive book on HTML was approximately $12. With the ever-changing technology, Java, PHP, CSS taking over the web technology and a few more books added to your library would cost one a further sizeable spend.ecommerce confussion

Photoshop and Dreamweaver were two pieces of software that you need to properly create a business. I think these alone were $100-150 at that time.

Then I needed to get traffic somehow. I had no idea about anything. The only way was to go for paid traffic through PPC ads which would cost around $5 per day

After considering all the costs involved apart from the vagueness in the topic itself,I was discouraged to even venture into that path back then. This was the time
when e-commerce was the buzz word. Here we are 16 years later. With growing inflation, you think that starting a business online would have gone up, but instead here at Wealthy Affiliate costs have been kept low, while improving your efficiency to a level never seen online.

Maybe I could have made ripples in the online industry if I had something like Wealthy Affiliate. And there is still nothing like this.

For 98 cents per day ($359 per year), you are getting access to something that simply isn’t available anywhere else in the world. An all-inclusive platform for building your online business that has been getting better with time.

A peek into what we are offered here

Classroom TrainingTraining. At Wealthy Affiliate, there is access to world-class training within the online business world. Regardless which direction you want to head with your business model, there is good training, great support and constant guidance to succeed. Access to classrooms of education that you can leverage on a wide breadth of topics, 1,000’s of training resources, 100,000’s of discussions and new training tutorials/videos added to WA daily.

Value: $1,000’s per month.

Live Classes/Events. Throughout the week there are running Live Classes. These are completely promotion free, value-based classes on new topics related to running an online business. These are going to advance your skill set and make you a much more rounded affiliate/internet marketer.

There are companies in this space that charge $1,000+ for a series of 10 hours of video, you have access to close to 400 hours of video training through the Live Events platform, and this is added every week with live and interactive training.

Value: $1,000’s

Websites. Be it any form or kind of business, electronic presence is fundamental part of being successful. At Wealthy Affiliate there is an advanced and easy to use website builder in the space (SiteBuilder) which offers a complete environment that will lead you to more efficiency, security, and speed with your websites.Site Builder Features

There are 11 exclusive platforms included within the website builder. SiteSpeed,SiteDomains, SiteHealth, SiteProtect, SiteSSL, SiteEmail, SiteContent, SiteSupport, SiteFeedback, SiteComments, and PageSpeed Insights. You simply cannot get a website platform this advanced, and this useful anywhere else. JUST PLUG AND PLAY.

With the new update from Google Chrome, site visitors trying to browse HTTP sites would be alerted and with a message stating that the site is not safe to browse, this would drive away prospective customers/ visitors to your site. No more hassles with SSL Certification, THIS IS FREE IN WA.

I can’t miss out mentioning about the technical support, this is the best that one can get anywhere in the world. They respond to all technical queries concerning your website within 10 minutes, irrespective of weekday or weekends. Now can any company beat that.

Value: $100+ per month.

Content. No matter what ever technical changes may come into picture, Content creation is a big part of any online business, in particular the search engine optimization element of it. To create content and to do so with efficiency and accuracy, you want a platform to do so. SiteContent offers an environment for you to create, organize and publish your content. With the many features such as the SiteContent Grammar, SiteContent Images, automatic image compression technology, and the internal plagiarism checker this is simply a service that is not available anywhere, and the ones that are available have significant monthly costs.

Value: $30-$50+ per month

Hosting. The Managed WordPress Hosting at Wealthy Affiliate is world-class and is the elite hosting platform within the WordPress industry. Comparable, I have come across inferior platforms charging 4 to 5 times the amount charged here. With the hosting platform, you have access to fully monitored and lightning fast hosting with a bundle of technology layered within to ensure security, spam protection, speed, overall robustness and provides direct access to server specialists through the SiteSupport platform.

Value: $150+ per month

Research & Analysis. Included in the Premium membership is access to Jaaxy Lite. This offers an unlimited keyword and niche research Within the state-of-the-art platform.

Not only that, you are going to be able to track your rankings under particular keywords, spy on the competition, and store and manage keyword lists, access new ‘hand-picked’ keyword regularly, analyze websites for SEO, brainstorm new keywords and niches, and use the amazing Alphabet Soup search platform.

Value: $100+ per month

WA Weekly Training

Expert Coaching. Wealthy Affiliate is a community of aspiring and very successful affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs. You never know when you are going to be rubbing shoulders with a 6-7 figure affiliate/marketer. The cool part. You can get coaching and mentoring from
anyone within the community as a premium member, including the founders. You simply cannot get that anywhere in the world, well you can, but typically you will be charged $5,000-$10,000 PER Month for this sort of treatment. All included here at WA, within your amazing premium membership!

Value: Priceless.

Updates.Last but not least, this platform has constantly made changes to ensure it’s the best in the industry and provides the users a very robust environment to work in and shields its members from all unwanted interruptions and glitches and have an upper hand in the competition.

It would be wrong for me to say that you are going to make millions if you join Wealthy Affiliate, no you are not going to make millions neither this is an over-night get rich program. It is just like any other business which needs time and patience. What this platform offers is the best that anyone can ask for besides it shows you a way to making money online.Money Making

Think about it for a minute, your parents might have spent a lot towards your education and later you too might have spent in upgrading your skills but did any of those courses promise you money.

World has changed from a brick and mortar business to online, products are being sold online, commissions are being made just to direct website visitors to a product and when sales are being made commissions are earned and all of it boils down to owning a website and content which is very essential.

If you have to learn how to go about this mode of business there is no other better place than Wealthy Affiliate, you might come across negative reviews speaking about wealthy affiliate being an outdated business model, that is the competition speaking, they would be  definitely selling something else at a premium price, so don’t fall for it. One needs to learn English alphabets before reading a word or sentence and there is no other better teacher than Wealthy Affiliate in this industry.

Imagine you spending $.98 a day for that cup of coffee or couple of cigarettes and here is a platform which provides you an opportunity to invest that amount with a potential of earning some hundreds in one day.

Going for the yearly offer is the best option for all.

I just wanted to mention it for those new to WA that aren’t aware of it, or those that are Premium monthly members and want to save on their current membership dues.

$359, includes an entire year Premium at WA. Access to the most elite education platform. State-of-the-art websites and premium managed WordPress hosting. An amazing keyword & research platform. Coaching and mentoring from real entrepreneurs.

Not to mention one filled with love, support and expert coaching from the community. One filled with positivity, growth, and progression. One filled with innovation, evolution, design and technological improvements at WA.

My Strategy for you

Business Success Chart

Join wealthy affiliate starter program, check out on what I said above, vouch for yourself and then decide, choice is yours.

For my readers from countries which do not have the starters program can register and sign up to the pre

mium monthly plan, check the entire site out in that one month, if not happy (which I vouch you would be excited to see the opportunities) can unsubscribe and cancel further  payments.

Once you Join :

Use the 25 free and 25 paid websites, did I mention that the paid websites are hosted for free, yes you read that correct it comes free of cost.

Pick different niches, join affiliate programs, promote their products on these websites.




WA Build Your Business


Drop in a line below if you want to ask me anything further, I would love to respond. Even if you don’t have any questions, saying a few words would really help me to write further on what I learn and share secrets to affiliate marketing.

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