Hello and welcome to my world of excitement, just in case we have not met yet, I am Vikram, the person behind this website.

Happy you found me here, I know very well what you are seeking for, so read on, you will learn a lot from my experiences.

Looking forward to a wonderful journey together in the world of online marketing and starting a business from the comfort of your own home.

We all have a story to share, here is mine

Born to working class parents and brought up in the midst of a working community only instilled the thought of education, get a job and lead a happy life thereafter (Phew sounds easy ?). As a kid I always enjoyed getting my hands dirty, doing gardening, carpentry, masonry, plumbing, travelling and all outdoor sports,

Being a kind of person who always loved trying out new stuff, doing a mundane job never actually kept me going after a period in time. The daily commute to work, the traffic, marathon meetings, scheduled tea breaks, reporting and assigning tasks was too very tamed and stressful at times with no time to sit back and think where all this is heading.

One rainy Saturday evening while sipping on my hot cup of tea and browsing the internet for good wood carving hand tools I came across a site which did not make sense to me then but I was introduced to the term affiliate and that is where it all started.

My quest into understanding how people were making huge amounts of money by selling products without owning them, storing them or transporting them to the buyer began. Which means no follow-ups, no customer queries, no establishment cost and the best part is one can sell a pin to a plane and get paid for their efforts of marketing the product.

The Big Mystery

Internet is filled with so much of information which could be very overwhelming and misguiding. There are tons of sites on affiliate marketing with numerous marketing gurus flashing their mansions, fleet of Lamborghinis, Porsches and the latest to the list, Tesla and they would teach you how to own them as well by paying a fee which would be running into some hundreds or thousands of dollars.

I would not like to be judgemental here as I have not tried all of them out but most of them are ponzi schemes and scams of getting rich overnight which doesn’t really happen in reality, so please check for reviews before putting in your hard-earned money into them.


After spending countless of hours researching and figuring out the secret method used by the Industry professionals on how advertisements are created and monetised, I discovered that it has been out there in the open for years but remains a mystery for a layman who just doesn’t see through it. All it needs is focus, carefully planning a framework, patience, dedication and above all not the least to mention, take action▶️

About YourWishBone

Opportunities are out there with loads of free jobs to be taken all it needs is to grab hold of them, work your way through and live a very cushy life. This blog would help you to dream big and be bold enough to make those dreams a reality.

Thank you for spending some time with me.

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