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Technology constantly has been evolving, even for a novice, website designing and hosting is just a click of a button, one no longer needs to know programming and coding, this is all taken care off by free open source tools like WordPress or Joomla.

There is a lot of competition when it comes to getting a site ranked on various search engines and for a newbie, jargon like SEO, Keyword research would sound very technical and scary to venture into. Well, actually don’t be!!

I am going to make this as simple as possible for you

JAAXY is one great tool we can use to write good content around keywords which can get ranked by search engines.

What can be achieved with JAAXY

⇒ Keyword search volume

⇒ Potential traffic

⇒ Insight into competition

⇒ Related keyword data

⇒ Find other keywords alphabetically

⇒ Shows metrics of each search engine listings

⇒ Site ranking

⇒ Affiliate program checker

⇒ SERP competitive advantage

⇒ Keyword brainstorming

⇒ Domain availability

How do I use it? JAAXY Demonstration

As you can see I have used the keyword “SEO” and a number of columns show up on the screen once I hit enter. Let me help you in breaking down the information and interpret this data.

1) Keyword Phrase – Word or phrase being researched; subsequent rows reflect suggested words along with the main word being researched

2) AVG – This is the overall search traffic per month globally, higher the better, which means the word or phrase has a captivating audience, as a rule anything above 30 is good to be considered

3) Traffic – This is the estimated traffic you can expect if you rank on page one. There are 10 spots on page one, as mentioned in my earlier post “All About SEO” regarding some basic methods that can be followed to improve site rankings one you have a list of keywords you want to target.

4) QSR (Quoted Search Result)- This is your competition. This is the exact number of pages for a search which appear in Google. Under 200 is a low competition keyword. Click on get QSR once you keyed in a search term and results show up in the page.

5) KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator) – I love this feature as it has color codes. This is a broad look at all factors related to the search. Green means it’s a good keyword to target (high chance of ranking). Yellow is just an average keyword, and red means you can overlook as this would take longer to rank.

6) SEO Power – A numerical representation to the KQI, SEO power tells you how easily an SEO optimized post/article will rank. Generally speaking, longer keywords will have a higher power than shorter ones because they are more specific and less competitive.

7) Domain Availability – This will let you know whether a domain for a particular keyword or phrase is available. Good for beginners who are looking for naming their niche website based on the keyword rankings.

8) Related Keywords – Another interesting feature for the grey matter to tick in your brain is to See what people are searching for related to whatever you just searched. Check the screenshot out for

Now try it yourself, all you would need is to create a user and provide your password to get access to 30 FREE searches, no credit card details are required.

Above did not make sense to you? Don’t Worry, You will be trained by the best to master the art of keyword researching once you join and will get the best support

There is a paid version of JAAXY, just in case you decide to stick around with them and avail the many features like Brainstorm, Affiliate Search, and Alphabet Soup platform which are going to give you true insights into brand new niches which not many other keyword search tools provide.

jaaxy review pricing plans

If you do plan to join Wealthy Affiliate – the launchpad for any online marketer, there is a concession.

JAAXY Pricing for WA

If you have reached this far

Want To Make A Wise Move

Join Wealthy Affiliate and use the lite version of JAAXY tool available only for Wealthy Affiliate members.

TIP: No matter which ever tool you opt in for, you would benefit from this strategy

Low Hanging FruitEver heard of the term “low hanging fruit”? What is it…..

The best fruit is always found on the highest part of the tree and people desire to pluck those while overlooking the fruits hanging lower on the tree which are much easier to reach

A paradox to this phrase, in your keyword research always eye the lower hanging fruit, the words or phrases with low traffic are easier to rank because there is low competition. Indicator being the QSR as defined above should be below 200.


Drop me a line below if you want further information on JAAXY or any other comment is most welcome.



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