Before we get started have you ever come across the below situations

♦ You heard of making money online from home but asked yourself how

♦ Come across a lot of online material but don’t know where to start

♦ Spent money on online courses which either got you muddled up or busy up-selling their products

♦ Invested money on MLM form of affiliate networks which didn’t fetch you as much as promised

♦ Finding it difficult to plan your online business and follow a structured process

♦ Budget constraint

♦ Need a coach or mentoring for free

♦ Learn at your own pace

♦ Need unbiased and unconditional support

♦ Constantly build your knowledge and understanding of affiliate marketing

♦ Broaden your imagination on ways to market products

♦ Running off ideas or looking for new ways of business

Well if your answer to most of the above is YES, than you are at the right place and just a click away from achieving all that you wanted to achieve in the online space and best part is with no upfront charges. Just click below to join and witness for yourself what I am implying here and take advantage of my due diligence.

Wealthy Affiliate Reviewed

Who is Wealthy Affiliate meant for?

Anyone who is interested in learning while earning money online and being financially independent. Just to give you a broad perspective I have listed a few below which is not exhaustive.

♥ College Students looking for part-time jobs

♥ Fresh Graduates looking out for interim jobs

♥ Stay at home moms

♥ Elders or retired senior citizens

♥ Commission based sales agents

♥ Business owners

♥ Working professionals who want to make a parallel source of income

♥ Budding entrepreneurs

About Wealthy Affiliate

This is a state of the art platform which was started by two Canadians, Kyle and Carson in the year 2005 for aspiring or full-time affiliate marketers which has well structured, step by step, self-paced 1000+ courses, an online entrepreneur certification course and supporting tools to kick start a successful online business. After having their fair share of difficulties and facing scams on the internet they came up with this noble thought of sharing their knowledge and putting together all of their online marketing skills to design the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Today it has over 100,000 active subscribers and a rich community of like minded people who share and help members of the community in creating passive sources of income, exchange ideas and provide unbiased feedback.

I would compare this platform to what an Etsy store does for small handicraft entrepreneurs or Facebook in social networking space or a LinkedIn in the professional networking space.

Impressive Training

I spoke about the training earlier, I am sure you are wondering what do you learn in those trainings?

All the essentials required to get anyone into the online world of marketing, like

⇒ Domain names and hosting

⇒ WordPress and how to start a blog

⇒ Keyword research

⇒ Content writing

⇒ Search Engine Optimisation

⇒ Webmaster tools

⇒ Web Traffic

⇒ Monetising websites

⇒ Maintaining websites

⇒ Google Analytics

In due course of time a lot of tacit knowledge is developed as you would progress this helps in thinking bigger, broader and better.

Great Community and Support

Once you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate you have the privilege of being a part of a rich and diverse community, you get an opportunity to interact with the best in the online business world. Share thoughts, ideas, seek for feedback above all make a lot of friends with people who share similar interests. Take a sneak peek into what I am saying.

How much does it COST?

The owners of Wealthy Affiliate very well understand the mental challenges one would encounter before signing up for something hence have come up with different types of memberships

Free Membership $0

Join for free and gain access to limited training which would teach you how to set up a blog or website and monetise it, you gain access to own two free websites which you can build while learning. You can remain a free member as long as you want but would have limited access to training, communication and constructive videos. The whole logic behind this form of access is to build your confidence before signing up for the premium version

1st Month $19 – The Bonus offer

This is an awesome offer which can be availed only for a week after signing up for the free membership and decide to go premium, 1st Month membership would be $19.

Premium Membership $49 per month

This is on a month to month basis and you will continue to get total access inside Wealthy Affiliate

Yearly Membership $359 (Recommended)

This is the best deal that you can get if you opt in to pay for a year, check below:

Monthly: $49 X 12 months = $588

Yearly: $359

Your Savings: $588 – $359 = $229 (39 % DISCOUNT)


Comparison between free and premium membership

Wealthy Affiliate Reviewed

How do I make money?

There are 3.75 BILLION people online as of 2018 (YOUR audience) which is further growing and these people are searching for things all the time.

They are looking for information, solutions to problems and to buy stuff. That is where you are going to come in with your website and help these “audiences” by offering them information about what they are looking for. You will be “helping” these people and earning revenue in the process.


Wealthy Affiliate Reviewed


This is exactly what you will learn through Wealthy Affiliate

My Final Take


Overall Ranking: 9 out of 10

Price: Free for starters or Premium membership for $49/month or 359/year

Intended for: Beginners to experts

Owners: Kyle and Carson


⇒ Structured training

⇒ Self-paced training modules

⇒ Unlimited support

⇒ Live chat for instant training

⇒ Great community of like-minded people who always back each other up and share knowledge

⇒ Awesome, easy to use tools

⇒ Website development, security and backup

⇒ Bootcamp for affiliate marketing

⇒ Cheat sheet to follow

⇒ Reasonable payment options

⇒ Constant support and encouragement from the owners Kyle and Carson


⇒ For beginners there could be too much of information that could be overwhelming, so just stick to the instructions without getting over ambitious

⇒ Very active community, your queries could get buried in the live discussion forum exactly like what happens in a large WhatsApp group

⇒ Multiple solutions provided for a specific question, so could be confusing at times, stick to a few you follow in the group and take their suggestions

⇒ Since the community is so large it is difficult for Kyle and Carson to respond to your messages in time but they do get back


Wealthy Affiliate Reviewed

Frequently asked Questions

Q: I am not very technical, I’ve never built a website. Can I still use Wealthy Affiliate?

A: Definitely! I am just like you, I have no technical background, every single step of online business building is explained beautifully with text and video tutorials in Wealthy Affiliate.

Q: Wealthy Affiliate is Free to join. What’s the catch?

A: We have grown to believe that there is nothing which comes for free, so what’s the catch when it comes to Wealthy Affiliate? The free membership gives you access to a small part of WA. In order to get more advanced training, you’ll have to upgrade to premium membership. That’s the catch. I recommend starting with a FREE membership so you could get a feel of this platform and decide if you should upgrade. Free membership is enough to actually start an online business.

Q: If I build my websites with WA and then decide to leave, will I lose my websites?

A: No, you get to keep your websites for as long as you want. Many online programs don’t allow you to take your website with you if you decide to leave them. However, Wealthy Affiliate will never take your website away of You cancel your membership. In fact, you have 30 full days after cancellation to transfer your websites wherever you want!

Q: How long would it take to start making money online

A: This is not a get rich scheme, nothing happens overnight. Wealthy Affiliate does teach you how to get started online and all the coaching, tools and support required to in getting into the online space. Success depends on purely how much effort you put in, the niche you select and promote consistently. I have seen people start making money in their first week, I have seen many others who took 6 months for their first sale. The important thing is to TAKE ACTION and not just imagine things in your mind.

Q: Why is Wealthy Affiliate not available in my country?

A: Affiliate Free Membership is not available to 7 countries at the moment: Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam. If you live in one of these seven countries you can still join the premium membership of WA at any time at a regular price of $49 per month. Well if you work out the math and go for the yearly membership, it works out to less than a $1 per day, this is the best that anyone can gift themselves for a life changer.

I would love to connect with you, please feel free to send me an email and share with me your thoughts or any questions you have in mind.

Necessary fields are represented with an Asterix (*)

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  1. Wealthy affiliate has the best online training in the world. When it comes to helping people to have success wealthy affiliate should be the first choice. Your post is very informative and has good information that will help your readers.

    1. Thank you Rogier! This is to ensure you have no qualms about Wealthy Affiliate which is the best platform to opt in for when it comes to training, support and getting started with your online business endeavours.

  2. Great review! I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for a little while now and can definitely say that it is the best training I have ever come across. I love that there is always new training coming out and you can interact with other people in the community to help you out when you are stuck! Very much worth every penny paid!

    1. Thank you Leah! This is the best platform for any aspiring online marketer to be in. Just to add the owners keep working hard to improve the functionalities of the platform and teach the latest methods of online marketing as things evolve, it is a constant upgrade.

  3. Interesting and informative and after all honest review of wealthy affiliate university.Yes, the wealthy affiliate is the number one trusted affiliate program, that cares about its community and help and need everyone to succeed.

    1. Thank you Abraham! The best part of Wealthy Affiliate is the community constantly exchanges ideas and unbiased feedback, this is integral to the development of any individual. It is truly a place where the best of affiliate marketers hangout.

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